Call For Participants – Patient Advisory Group

Used wisely, medical tests, treatments and procedures help physicians diagnose and treat their patients.

When overused, unnecessary tests and procedures can cause stress that makes patients feel worse or even expose them to additional harms.

Smart use of medical interventions and exams impacts us all – even when we’re well.

Inefficient use of our healthcare system wastes time and resources, putting pressure on the health care system and increasing wait times for patients in need.

What are we doing about it?

We aim to link Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data from the Manitoba Primary Care Research Network (MaPCReN) with administrative data from the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) to explore the Choosing Wisely recommendations relevant to primary care, and assess the long-term impacts of unnecessary investigations and treatments on patients and the health system. We plan to apply to Research Manitoba and/or CIHR (Program, SPOR Grants) for funding.

What does that mean to YOU?

We know it’s vital to engage the public to understand your perspectives, because it’s patients who are hit hardest when the health care system isn’t working effectively.

We plan to collaborate with patients at all stages of the research process by establishing a patient advisory group [PAG]. The PAG will initially meet with the research team to generate ideas for the research. Then we’ll ask participants to connect with us quarterly to help steer and plan our research. Your voice matters – you’ll be encouraged to ask questions and challenge concepts throughout the process.

Get involved.

Contact the University of Manitoba – Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at or 204-789-3314.

Click here for the printable PDF version of the Call for Participants.

The Max Rady College of Medicine is Looking for Participants to Join a Patient Advisory Group