Choosing Wisely is not only an investment in health, it is an investment in the Canadian economy. Healthcare eats up to 40% of our provincial government spending; nearly $6B this fiscal year. We all know that this tax burden on individuals and businesses is not sustainable. Yet, despite the advances in medicine and technology, we have more chronic disease than ever before. We are spending more and more on screening programs, sickness care, advanced technologies, medications, and other surgical and medical interventions. The tax burden keeps growing! When employees are off work due to healthcare illness, made even worse when diagnostics and treatments are delayed; there is an additional and significant loss of productivity.

Clinical Resource Optimization and Choosing Wisely Manitoba:
Improving the Appropriate and Effective Use of Health Services

The first phase of Choosing Wisely Manitoba was to identify “made-in-Manitoba” opportunities for improving the appropriate and effective use of health services, focusing on diagnostic services. The intent was to develop tools, approaches and evidence as “proof-of-concept” that this was something we could do in Manitoba. In Phase 2 we engaged with physicians and other health practitioners to raise awareness and create a “grass-roots, front-line, physician-championed” movements and expanding to other areas of healthcare.

good health business

We have been very successful in Phases 1 and 2, in fact, we can conservatively estimate that $1-3 million dollars has already been reinvested back into the health care system from just a few proof-of-concept initiatives; and we have dozens more lining up. Choosing Wisely Manitoba has been so successful, recognized as one of the leaders in the country, because of the 3 phase approach we are taking and because we have focused on doing the right thing, not letting costs or savings be our driver.

Providing quality care – doing the right thing for Manitobans and delivering value for money

To leverage this success and continue the work we need to engage patients, the public and the business community (Phase 3) so we can change the conversation in health care. The business community has a wealth of knowledge and expertise about how best to take a good product (like Choosing Wisely Manitoba) to the public and engage in new conversations that would lead to changing expectations, and ultimately, to more appropriate and effective use of health services…in short, more value for money; and that’s good for business.

Join the conversation and find out how, as a business leader, you can help to influence strategic change and engage in new conversations that will foster changing expectations and ultimately more appropriate and effective use of health services.