As Much as 30% of Health Care is Unnecessary

In health care we tend to think that more is better but this can result in tests and treatments that we don’t really need. Why get poked for a blood test that will not help your doctor to diagnose your symptoms? Why expose yourself to unnecessary radiation by having X-rays that won’t change your course of treatment?

Engaging in healthy conversations with your physician is an important way to be better informed about your health and your care. It’s okay to ask questions of your doctor to make sure that tests and treatment will benefit your health and care:

Do I really need this test, treatment or procedure?
What are the downsides?
Are there simpler safer options?
What happens if I do nothing?

Choosing Wisely Manitoba aims to support physicians and patients, helping you to make smart and effective choices about your health. Ensuring that every test, treatment and procedure is evidence-based is key to choosing wisely.

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