Resources Materials for Medical Practitioners

Improving the Appropriate Use of MRI for Lower Back Pain
MRI patient poster 8.5×11
Lumbar Spine Imaging Screening Form v3
Lower Back Pain Handout

Improving Appropriate Testing
Thyroid patient poster 8.5×11
Prostate cancer patient poster 8.5×11
Colonoscopy patient poster 8.5×11

Antibiotic Wisely
Antibiotic patient poster 8.5×11

Need change ideas or help with your Choosing Wisely implementation project? Check out Choosing Wisely Canada’s downloadable toolkits developed by clinicians who have successfully implemented Choosing Wisely recommendations in their setting.

Resources for Patients

Choosing Wisely Patient Pamphlets are meant to help patients learn about the tests, treatments, and procedures to question, when they are necessary and when they are not, and what patients can do to improve their health. Check out Choosing Wisely Canada’s downloadable Patient materials.