Earning Continuing Professional Development credits for Choosing Wisely Activities

There are a variety of ways physicians and primary care providers can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits by completing Choosing Wisely activities.

Find out how you can earn CPD credits for Choosing Wisely activities.

Choosing Wisely Canada Recommendations

Developed by professional societies representing different clinical specialties in Canada, these recommendations identify tests and treatments commonly used in each specialty that are not supported by evidence, and could expose patients to harm.

These recommendations are not intended to be used to establish payment and coverage decisions. Rather, they are meant to spur conversation about what is appropriate and necessary treatment. As each patient situation is unique, clinicians and patients could use the Choosing Wisely Canada materials to determine an appropriate treatment plan together.

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Choosing Wisely Manitoba Priority Projects

Following Choosing Wisely Canada’s recommendations, Choosing Wisely Manitoba has focused in on opportunities for improving the appropriate and effective use of health services in our province, with a focus on diagnostic services. Our intent is to develop tools, approaches and evidence that can be used to gain greater awareness amongst health practitioners and create sustainability and resource stewardship within Manitoba’s health care system.

Find more information on Choosing Wisely Manitoba’s current projects here

Get Involved

From engagement to collaboration, physician participation is essential in ensuring the successful implementation of Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations in Manitoba, and further identifying new opportunities for resource stewardship within our provincial health care system.

Have a project you are interested in championing? Email us at admin@choosingwiselymanitoba.ca

More information on how to propose a new project can be found through Choosing Wisely Canada.

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