New Choosing Wisely Routine Preoperative Lab Test Guidelines

As part of Choosing Wisely Manitoba’s priority project to improve the appropriate use of preoperative diagnostic testing, new pre-op guidelines, a new WRHA H&P and supporting standardized physician and patient resources were implemented July 11.

Supported by Choosing Wisely Canada and the Canadian Anesthesiologists Society, the new lab testing guidelines are a collaboration of surgery, anesthesia, primary care and family medicine.

Complementary to the new guidelines, the revised H&P no longer includes cues for tests that do not provide clinical value to preoperative patients.

As the new guidelines and WRHA H&P are fully integrated into practice, it is anticipated that DSM labs will see a reduction in preoperative test orders and specifically for tests such as electrolytes, TSH, PTT, creatinine, INR, glucose, CBC, iron indices, urinalysis and tests related to liver function. Chest X-Rays have also been eliminated from the mandatory pre-op workup.

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