About Choosing Wisely Manitoba

Wise decisions about patient care.

Choosing Wisely Manitoba is changing the conversation and creating new innovative approaches in our efforts in resource stewardship and creating a more sustainable health care system in Manitoba.

Materials for Health Care Practitioners and Patients

Resources & Campaigns

Content meant to engage health care practitioners and patients in a conversation about medical tests, treatments, and procedures, so they can better understand when they are necessary or not.
A shirtless man holds his lower back in pain.
Do MRIs (or X-rays or CT scans) speed up patients’ recovery from lower back pain?
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A guide on when to take and when not to take antibiotics if you have a respiratory infection.
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A graphic of a patient lying in a hospital bed, sleeping.
Both urinary catheters and ulcer drugs are over-used in hospitals. And both increase the risk of infection.
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One of CWMB's goals is to support patients, helping you to make smart and effective choices about your health.

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