Dr. Terry Wuerz loves problem solving, which is what lead him to Tuberculosis and Infectious Disease. “The field has a strong connection with basic sciences in the field of Microbiology too and I enjoy working closely with the microbiology lab, it is always fascinating to see what kinds of things the lab is capable of doing to help us diagnose and treat our patients.” After graduating with his MD at the University of Manitoba in 2007, Terry went on to study long-distance at University of London, obtaining a MSc in Epidemiology in 2019.

Terry’s specialty is Internal Medicine, and spends a great deal of time working directly with patients, both in clinic, and as a consultant at Health Sciences Centre. Additionally, he also does some clinical research, and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate medical education at the University of Manitoba.

His passion project is the Manitoba AMR Alliance, which presents the opportunity to teach about antimicrobial resistance and stewardship to “healthcare workers throughout the province that I have never even met, which is pretty cool!” Learn more about Antimicrobial Awareness from this interview from AMR week 2023.

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